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This arena is one of EXL PB core skills

The life-blood of companies is their ability to trade. And it doesn’t matter how large are your assets, if you don’t have the liquidity to put funds on the table, or a financial instrument acceptable to the counterparty, then the deal will pass you by…

This is especially frustrating when you have valuable, uncommon asset classes, which are often unacceptable to other banks.

EXL PB will help you.

How? By becoming part of the EXL PB family you will be able to access the following at the click of a button:

Alternatively, you may be seeking to generate liquidity from an existing asset (monetize it), such as:

In such monetization cases a Financial Surety Bond may be required, but this is something that we can organize for you.

EXL PB helps you meet your financing needs through our innovative tools, platform and methods.

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