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In this world of fast-paced change, where conditions can be transformed in minutes, you need a financial partner on who you can rely on: Agile, Creative, Responsive to your needs, With a Global Reach , Totally Discrete, and Delivering Quality, Tangible Results.

“This is EXL pB. The innovators.”

EXL PB is a global financial institution that delivers tailor-made financial solutions for corporates, businesses, and individuals. We are highly regarded in dealing with unusual asset class situations, creating liquidity, and can assist you in further standard and non-standard investments. And EXL PB performs quickly.

We are problem solvers

Unlike many other online, offshore banks, EXL PB has:

Our approach is not to “fit” you in to standard solutions, but to truly listen to your needs, understand the situation, quickly develop a custom-made solution, and assist in its implementation.

EXL PB prides itself on providing class-leading, pragmatic results.

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

We are Client Focused

EXL PB aims to build strong, long-term relationships with you through providing an exceptional level of service, performance and governance in a cost-effective manner.

Yes, EXL PB is innovative, but it does not mean we are unnecessary risk-takers, and we prefer a longer-term, conservative approach. But being conservative does not mean you cannot be agile, and quickly seize an opportunity

We follow international best practices in your acceptance processes, financial administration and management of your data. EXL PB is a strong supporter of all intergovernmental initiatives to prevent money laundering and actively uses such controls in its operations.

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Take their business beyond geographical restrictions, at the same time guaranteeing security, financial strength and new opportunities.
Conduct financial operations in accordance with tax-neutral legislation in Comoros
Enjoy privacy and ease of conducting financial and banking operations, rather than under the surveillance of domestic banks

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