Equity Funding

These can be complex and hazardous areas, but EXL PB has at its disposal significant capabilities to assist you. And as our client, access to these resources is yours.

Whether it is your existing investment that needs additional funding or operational support, we will use our experts to aid you. Or you are looking to divest out of a current holding? Or, maybe, you are looking for, or found, an interesting investment opportunity in this arena? EXL PB can also help.
As an investor, however, you first need to ask yourself a crucial question: “What am I looking to achieve with my current funds or assets: secure long-term cash flows, asset growth, short- or long-term investment horizon”? Is Private Equity or Venture Capital really the optimal answer, or maybe there is another solution for you?


EXL PB can help in this sometimes complicated arena as it has far-reaching capabilities at its fingertips. Not only can we assist in finding capital and providing funding requirements, EXL PB can support any part of the investment process cycle:


EXL PB can, and does.

Sometimes such an investment is made as part of a consortium, in conjunction with a third party, for example a strategic partner or a PE fund. These often have their own investment criteria and agendas, which also need careful assessment. Obviously, these situations can add a new level of complexity to the transaction. EXL PB has the experience in such circumstances and can assist in ensuring that your interests are protected and the transaction is completed to your benefit.

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