Asset Management

We are highly regarded in dealing with unusual asset class situations, creating liquidity, and assisting you in your further investments. With our access to internal and external expertise, we can often come up with creative solutions that are outside a traditional approach.


EXL PB enjoys the challenge of dealing with non-standard assets and providing a workable solution for you. Joining our family you will have access to all of this that YOU control at the touch of a button.

Your assets - Our Expertise

Once we have understood your situation and what you want to achieve, whether it is to better secure your current assets, make them work more effectively for you, or release funds for a new opportunity, EXL PB can help.


We all have to deal with it on a daily basis in every aspect of our lives. At least with EXL PB, you can get support for your financial risks.

Our approach help you evaluate the risk in your current portfolio identify the possibility of potential risks, assess them, and develop a framework and course of steps that can help mitigate these threats. These dangers can stem from a wide variety of internal and external sources, such as: unforeseen market events, IT breaches, potential legal liabilities, financial instability, or poor managerial decisions. From our investigation, it may mean that your risk mitigation may require drastic action, such as divestment or a significant capital injection. In other situations, it may require just stricter enforcement of existing controls. Whatever the situation, risk cannot be ignored and “hoped it goes away”

How we work

We like to form a close, interactive “strategic partnership” between you and the bank, so as circumstances change, you can see how we think, operate, and deliver success. The better the understanding between us, the faster we can reach your goal.

We are discrete. Always

EXL PB is not only concerned about your finances today, but also your future financial well-being. This is why we have a team of financial management professionals who provide you with guidance based on careful investment research, focused on your financial aims.


As we see, sometimes the world can change at a dynamically alarming pace, so don’t you deserve a financial partner who can react quickly, professionally and with integrity?


EXL PB will work closely with you to define your financial goals, craft an investment strategy, and assist in its implementation, all the while continually consulting with you and help you monitor your investments.


We have a broad spectrum of financial products to which EXL PB has access, some of which are exclusive to us. This makes it possible to customize an investment program that fits your unique needs.

All the while, EXL PB is there, by your side.

Our typical approach


Successful investment strategies are a team effort. Working with you, EXL PB identifies the resources that can best achieve your goals and provide the kind of personal service which is rare today. And that’s why you will value it so highly.

EXL PB gives you the options – you make the choice!

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