Risk Management

At EXL PB we are passionate about your privacy.


We all have to deal with it on a daily basis in every aspect of our lives. At least with EXL PB you can get support for your financial risks.

Our approach: help you assess the risk in your current portfolio: identify the possibility of potential risks, assess them, and develop a framework and course of steps that can help mitigate these threats. These dangers can stem from a wide variety of internal and external sources.

These can include such examples as unforeseen market events, IT breaches, potential legal liabilities, financial instability, or poor managerial decisions. From the ensuing investigation it may mean that your risk mitigation may require drastic action, such as a divestment or a significant capital injection. In other situations it may require just stricter enforcement of existing controls. Whatever the situation, risk cannot be ignored and “hoped it goes away”.

Internally EXL Private Bank takes risk management extremely seriously, with you, the client, at its core. Every aspect of our work with you is assessed for risk. We use:

  • Class-leading encryption and secure systems, as used by governments and other major financial institutions, for the sending/receiving of all communications and documents.
  • The latest GDPR guidelines and recommendations.
  • Robust internal systems to ensure that all data is protected, and can be only accessed by the appropriately authorized personnel.
  • highly secure servers based in Switzerland(?), with remote access back-ups, to ensure that all information is safe from prying eyes.
  • Our systems and control structures are monitored on a rolling basis to guarantee that their integrity is up to date.

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